Friday, May 6, 2011

Project Update!

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DANIELS SCHOOL RESTORATION PROJECTThe 120 year old - one room school house on Mill Creek Road in Healdsburg
Project Update!
Progress Report: 
  1. In May 2010, we began the Daniels School Restoration Project by asking for donations to pay for the various Sonoma County conditional requirements and permits to place Daniels School into a minor subdivision and begin the restoration of the old school house.
  2. We were able to raise nearly $6,000 in generous donations from local residents, organizations, and businesses.  In addition, many professionals drastically reduce their fees to help us and 45 people attended our barbecue fundraiser at Mill Creek Winery.
  3. We were able to obtain a waiver of approximately $3,700 from the County Board of Supervisors, under the guidance of the previous supervisor, Paul Kelley.  We now have enough funds to finish the paperwork for Title Insurance requirements, Map Check fees, Architectural Design fees, Sonoma Landmark Commission fees, and Sonoma County Building Department fees.  However, the previous donations will be gone.
  4. So now we begin again to raise funds for materials for the restoration.  We need framing materials, such as 2x4's, 2x6's, 4x10's, 4x12's, etc., windows, doors, roofing materials, interior/exterior siding, interior ceiling, electrical wiring, a pot belly stove (circa 1889), school desks and bookcases, blackboards, as well as a teacher's desk and chair.
  5. In May 2011 we launched the NEW Daniels School Restoration Blog: - We will be utilizing this website to solicit much needed monetary donations from the general public.  We came to understand that many businesses and individuals have been asking for an online option to donate to our worthy cause, so we listened, and now that request has been realized.  Please visit the Blog today to make your donation, it takes less than 3 minutes!  We will also be using this website as a forum for communication...Sending updates of upcoming events, giving you updates on the work we do at Daniels School, and also a place we can recognize everyone that has helped us so far.
We have already scheduled a work day on Saturday, June 11, 2011 ~ 9am - ???

Now that Spring has sprung, the weather has warmed up and our thoughts have now turned to CLEANING!  The sunny weather fills us with optimism and enthusiasm.  There is much to do at our little schoolhouse, so please come out for a day full of productivity and community spirit!  We need to clean the grounds and remove the old lumber, brush, leaves and other debris around the schoolhouse and surrounding property.  We can also remove some of the old siding.  Please wear your work clothes and bring your rakes, pruning shears, hoes, loppers, chain saws, hammers, other yard tools, and of course your work gloves.  A delicious Hamburger Bar-B-Que lunch will be served to all workers and volunteers who show up to lend a helping hand.  Come work and have fun as we begin the long awaited preparation to rebuild our beloved Daniels Schoolhouse!

Finally, if you can supply any of the above materials, please contact, Gloria Egger at 707.433.7732 or Bonnie Cussins-Pitkin at 707.433.3301.  All financial donations may be sent to the address above, or simply log on to our blog at:  Your donation is, of course, tax-deductible!


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